3D printing, of metals is gaining a growing importance in industry during recent years. This technology, specifically known as additive manufacturing, is based on the rapid melting of the metallic powder and on its solidification into the desired forms by focussed lasers or electron beams. 

The feedstock materials is made by sophisticated powders of metallic alloys that require complex processes to be manufactured and handled, they are very expensive and still not specifically tuned to the printing processes. SPAcEAMAN is the acronym for Sustainable Powders for AdditivE MANufacturing, a research project funded by the European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT) Raw Materials. 

The project aims at providing a technological basis for the production of new more sustainable steel powders specifically developed for additive manufacturing, containing lower amounts of critical elements and being more easily processable and re-usable.

Their performance, sustainability and processability will be demonstrated in the project by prototypes of a car suspension knuckle and of a die for automotive sheet-stamping.