The main scientific papers and other outputs are available through this page. 
Other free–access documents can be downloaded from the Infocenter portal of EIT- Raw Materials, available at the following link, selecting the workspace: SPAcEMAN public.

A paper on structural steels investigated within the project has been published in 2020 on the open source scientific journal “Metals”. Download here the paper.

A webinar on most recent output of the project was held on May 26th 2021. See the webinar leaflet at the link.

Footages of the presentations can be downloaded here.

An output of the SPAcEMAN project are public guidelines about powder handling, powder recycling and achievable properties of products, that are available at the following links:

  1. Guidelines about safe handling of the new powders
  2. Guidelines about the re-use of the powders
  3. Guidelines about properties of AM parts produced by steel S and steel T.